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Where Are the Women in STEM?

Here we are in 2017. Seems a lot of things have regressed, including the progress of women in the workplace - or at least that's true in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) disciplines. Not only are women paid less than men regardless of the...

kids watching movie in classroom

Visual Media in the Classroom

Visual media in the classroom should not be a replacement for hands-on learning or teachers by any means but that doesn't mean they can’t serve a purpose to the classroom. While a number of people would disagree with me, and sometimes for good reasons, we...

kids in kindergarten

What is Kindergarten Ready, Really?

Once upon a time, children walked into kindergarten as blank slates for their teachers to write upon. They might or might not know their ABC’s, how to hold a pencil and how to read. Now, though, it seems that more and more is being asked...

The Problem with Shifting Paradigms

You get fooled into thinking you know where you’re going. Since my recent posts, I have received several emails. That doesn’t usually happen on to me through this site. Several of these were promoting a canned variation on personalized learning. An opportunity to use software...


Should All Teachers Be Education Majors?

There is a school system in Savannah, GA that offers a non-traditional path for people to become teachers (you can read about it in an article here).  Leaders there are questioning whether or not all teachers should be education majors. In a district with over...


“Adulting” or Teaching Kids to Be Adults

You’ve probably heard the term “adulting” being thrown around by those from my generation (gen-Y, not millennial,  thank you very much) whenever we accomplish something that seems like it should be normal behavior for someone our age.  There’s even a book and blog on the...

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